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Poha Industry | Poh processing industry , Poha Mill Industries (poha manufacturing process / poha manufacturing plant / machine) >> Nowadays everyone’s favorite breakfast is poha. Today Kanda Poha is a dish prepared from Pohya in both rural and urban areas. Kanda Poha is a dish prepared in every house whether it is a marriage ceremony or for welcoming guests. Kande Pohe is a favorite food of many even in hotels. As poha is easy to digest, everyone from young to old enjoy this dish with pleasure. Kandapohe is a very popular breakfast dish as it is prepared in a very short time. Snacks range from Pohaya to Chivda, Ladoo etc. Many similar dishes are made. Local Business Online Offer – @299 Plan

All of us wonder at one time or another how these popular swims become so popular. So these poha are made by processing and poha processing industry can be started by rural as well as urban youth very easily. So let’s know all the information about poha industry.

Poha Industry | swim process industry | Poha Mill Industries (poha manufacturing process / poha manufacturing plant / poha making machine)

Pohaya has an important place in Indian cuisine. Manufacture of pohas from sali is a traditional business in Maharashtra state, in ancient times some families in rural areas used to manufacture pohas at household level. Farmers around them also used to take sal to the said family and prepare poha but today the picture has changed.

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In this fast paced mechanized age, no one has enough time to take the rice to the poha mill or to the poha producing family to prepare the murmures. As a result, swimming is preferred everywhere today. In urban areas, due to lack of time, consumption of poha and other products made from it is increasing steadily. Considering the rapidly growing population, changing lifestyle and food culture, as well as considering the above situation, it can be seen that there is a lot of scope for Poha manufacturing and selling business in the future.

Swimming industry – Ways of poha manufacturing process

There are mainly 2 methods of making poha one is the traditional method and the other is the modern method

Poha manufacturing old method

  • Soak the well fed and cleaned bark in hot water overnight. Due to this, the amount of water in the sali increases by 30 percent.
  • After draining the water from the soaked sal, the wet sal is roasted in the quantity of 1-2 kg in a pan placed on the stove and constantly stirred in the heated sand.
  • Next, the sand from the roasted sali is sieved and separated.
  • Shells are removed by placing the roasted husk in a colander or using an edged runner and pressure on the husk to form poha. But in this process the quantity of poha is very less i.e. 60-65 percent of the sali taken is obtained.

Modern method of making Poha (poha manufacturing new method)

CFT of Mysore by doing research in traditional method. R. i. This organization has discovered a new method of producing poha. In this way, the production and quality of poha increases and the cost also decreases. In the improved method, these methods are used consecutively, varying the method of mealing and poha preparation. Therefore, the production of pohaya is increased up to 75 percent. This method involves soaking the bark in hot water, roasting in sand, removing the shells, separating in air, polishing, sieve drying etc. All actions are performed consecutively.

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Available market for poha industry (poha manufacturing business market)

When starting any business, it is very important to see what is the market or customer base for selling the product. Poha is consumed on a large scale in urban as well as rural areas. Poha is consumed at the household level, so grocery stores are the main outlets for poha sales. Ladu, Chivda etc. Hotels, bakeries, sweets shops etc. There may be a demand from Poha sales are also good in shopping malls and super markets. Apart from this, pohaya is sold in large quantities in weekly bazaars, markets, fairs, festivals, exhibitions.

Poha manufacturing business – manpower required

Pohe production project does not require much manpower. If you start this business in a small form at the beginning, you can run your project well with even 3 to 4 workers. Generally, a skilled worker and one or two unskilled workers as helpers and a salesperson, a total of 4 workers is also a good swimming pool manufacturing project. method can continue. Women can also do these professions well.

A must for the swimming industry raw material (poha manufacturing business raw material)

Bark should be used as raw material for making Poha. While buying Bark, choose well fed and cleaned Bark. Bark should be well dried. Moreover, it should be stored properly. Chemicals should not be used in excess on the sali.

Poha Business premises and building (poha manufacturing plant location & building)

While selecting the site for the industry, it is necessary to ensure the availability of transport, water, electricity etc. At the same time, the location should be chosen where the raw materials are easily available and in large quantities and where the remaining waste can be properly managed.

At least 1000 Sq. Foot space is required. Both aspects of hygiene and health should be considered while planning the building construction. Which will make it possible to produce quality and healthy products in the future.

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Poha manufacturing machines

While buying machinery, it is necessary to decide whether we want to start this processing industry in a small scale or in a large scale and then buy the necessary machinery accordingly. To start a small scale business, generally materials like roasters, furnaces, weighing forks, floaters, sieves are required. So if you want to start this business on a large scale then you need machinery like grader, roaster, destoner, flaker mill, poha mill, grading machine, packaging machine.

Poha Udyog Ebook (poha manufacturing Ebook)

The above information is only suitable to introduce you to the swimming industry. But if you want more detailed information about this poha industry like where to buy machinery, the whole economy of poha industry, what are the government schemes to get loans and subsidies for poha industry, you can download our Poha and Murmure Processing Industry Ebook. You can get more information. Given below to download Ebook “Poha – Ebook” Click on the button.

Summary – Poha Process Industry

An honest attempt has been made in this article to give you information about Poha industry. If you want to start a poha manufacturing industry and need more information, you can download the above Ebook. Before starting this industry, you must visit the plant where the poha industry is running. Wish you all the best for your future industry.

Swim Creation How to start a business?

Poha Industry, Poha manufacturing process


Before starting a poha manufacturing industry you need to know all about how this business works. For that you should first visit the poha manufacturing plant and get all the information about the raw materials and machinery given in the above article. For that you are ours Poha and Murmure Processing Industry eBook Read it will surely help you to start this business.

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