Rainy season useful item | List of items needed for home, car and your safety

When monsoons start we need many things then we remember the traditional things we use like umbrella raincoat etc. But now as time has changed many products have come to keep us safe during monsoons which are also useful for us to take care of our household items and our vehicles as well. fall

List of items useful in rainy season

Portable Vapor Steamer

This steamer is easy to use and you can easily carry it anywhere.

After heating for about 1 minute 40 seconds, steam starts to form. Then you can enjoy Steam.

Please always keep the nozzle away from people, pets and plants in case of steam burns.

Be careful when steaming your face, please keep a certain distance between the nozzle and your face to avoid burning your face. Unplug from power socket after use.

बूट बॅग (Waterproof Travelling Shoes Storage Bag)

This is a high quality shoe bag size: 31 x 22 x 13.5 cm which can hold 3 pairs of shoes, which is useful for travel / business trips.

It can also be used as a bag, you can put swimsuits or undergarments in it

You can keep this shoe bag in your luggage.

A material lining on the inside separates the shoes from scratching and rubbing against each other making it perfect for business trips / weekend trips. Available in different colors.

Foldable Mosquito Net

The number of mosquitoes increases during rainy days and if there are children in the house, it is necessary to have mosquito nets in the house to protect them from mosquitoes.

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This mosquito net is double bed size ie approx 200 * 200 * 155 cm. This bed can easily accommodate a super king size bed.

Easily washable as well as its steel wires are rust resistant. Since it has a self-supporting system, there is no need to drive and nail the wall.

Can be folded in less than 30 seconds. Comes with a storage bag, comes with a patch to hide future holes in the mosquito net. Easy to fold and carry. Gives you a healthy sleep environment.


This umbrella is perfect for sheltering you and your loved ones from heavy rains. Also this umbrella is a fashion and creative gift for your parents, friends, colleagues, lovers.

Strong and windproof. The waterproof effect is three times that of a normal umbrella.

The C-shaped handle makes this umbrella very easy to hang anywhere.

Heater (Fan Heater)

It can be used to heat the room in rainy days.

Useful for spot heating and fitted with a safety net. 100% pure copper wire motor is used for long life of the machine.

It is a perfect product for small or medium sized rooms.

It has two settings – 1000 watts and 2000 watts. You can use it on any setting depending on how much heat you want.

Bag Cover (Rain Protection Cover)

Use this cover to prevent your bag from getting wet while going out in the monsoons.

It is made from special waterproof material.

It is light weight, durable and low cost product.

It is a quality tested product.

This cover protects your bag / luggage from water and dust (rain, spills, mud and more).

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Mobile Pouch)

This mobile pouch can be used to prevent your mobile from getting wet with rainwater during monsoons.

It is easy to use and uses high-quality lightweight PVC material.

You can also operate the phone perfectly inside the waterproof mobile pouch. But Touch ID and Fingerprint cannot be used.

Car Umbrella Holder

By using this you can keep a wet umbrella in the car during rainy days. So that the seats or other items in your car do not get wet.

Package included: One umbrella cover with size: 29.5 * 73.5 cm. Available in different colors.

baone छत्री (Scooter/Bike All Seasons Rainy/Summer Umbrella

Can easily fit cars like Activa, Scooty Pep, Jupiter.

One can comfortably travel at 60-70 km/hr with this umbrella.

Easy to use as well as fit to your car.

This product protects you during travel in summer and monsoon.

बूट कव्हर (Rain Boot Shoe Cover Overshoes For Men & Women)

This waterproof shoe shoe product is made with high quality silica gel with long life.

In rainy season you can wear this cover over your shoes or chappals to party, travel, gardening, hospital etc. This product is flexible and non-slip.

It is light in weight and foldable.

It is also convenient to carry for your trips. It is useful for garden, farm, golf course, forest, etc., travel, cycling, motorcycle riding etc.

Rearview Mirror Protective Film

This waterproof film is high transmittance, anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, rainproof and can reduce glare. A useful product for your driving safety. It will be useful in rainy season or foggy days.

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It will only take you a few minutes to apply it on your car mirror. It is very quick and easy to apply.

It is suitable for many types of mirrors such as cars, buses, off-road vehicles, taxis, trucks, trailers, motors, motorcycles, bathroom mirrors, make-up mirrors.

रेनकोट (Raincoat – Reversible Waterproof & Adjustable)

Monsoon said that raincoat will be needed. These raincoats have excellent designs and are available in various colors. Light weight and packable design makes it easy to pack and carry. Easy to carry everywhere.

Glass Treatment Rain Repellent

You can clean your home mirrors as well as car mirrors using this liquid. The glass can be cleaned from stains caused by weather changes. This product is good and useful for a long time once purchased.

By using this item, you can take good care of your own household items and vehicles as well. If you know of any other similar items, please let us know by commenting.

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