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Tea Machine | T Machine | Tea making machine | chaha machine price >> Tea is everyone’s favorite to relieve fatigue. In a place like office, tea is a necessity after a certain time. To maintain consistency in work and to keep people focused on their work, tea machines are installed in many offices or many people are willing to install such machines in their offices.

We are providing information about some such tea machines for you in this article. Which tea vending machine to buy? Which tea vending machine is the best? How much does a vending machine cost? You will get such complete information in this article.

Tea Machine | Best Top 9 Tea Vending Machine

Morphy Richards 1.5-Litre (1850+350) Watt Tea Maker – ₹ 3,000

This tea maker has a durable stainless steel body and comes with a 2 year warranty on this product. It requires a voltage of 230 volts. Along with it you will get instruction manual, customer service list and warranty card. Customer care number of the company that manufactures this machine : 18001035963.

Cafe Desire Coffee and Tea Vending Machine – ₹ 15,900

This tea machine is suitable for many office users and at first glance it is a great looking machine. Sellers of these machines provide free online service about the machine.

If you need to replace any part of this machine after some time, the company sends it through courier. Also if you want offline service then company charges Rs 2500/- as to and fro cost.

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COFTEA Tea and Coffee Vending Machine – ₹ 14,000

Made of steel and plastic, this tea machine can be a good choice for home and office use. The size of this machine is about 1.5 feet and this vending machine is available in gray and black color.

ATLANTIS 2 Lane Tea and Coffee Vending Machine – ₹ 12,500

It is a good vending machine with 2 lanes. A 2-lane machine at a lower price might be the only one like this. This tea machine has a metal body and is a durable machine

The special feature of this tea vending machine is the magnetic sealing door and light weight. At the same time, a sensor is provided in this machine to measure the water level. The cup holding counter of this tea machine is controlled by microprocessor.

A stainless steel tank is provided for water and the quantity of milk and premix powder can be adjusted in this vending machine. It is a good product at this price in the category of tea vending machines.

California Metal Vending Machine (2 Option) – ₹ 15,500

You can use this black T machine for office with two options. You get 1 year warranty with this vending machine.

Brewer Mate Coffee and Tea Vending Machine – ₹ 18,500

It can be called an excellent product in the T Vending Machine category. This machine is black in color and made of ABS plastic.

It works on 220 voltage and the size of this machine is 25 cm x 32 cm x 60 cm. This machine can dispense 8 cups of tea per minute on average. Always use filtered water when using this machine.

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California Metal Vending Machine with (3 Option) – ₹ 19,000

This tea vending machine with three options is small in size and light in weight. In this machine you can adjust the amount of premix and water. This machine has the capacity to dispense 5 to 6 cups of tea in a minute.

Cafe DESIRE I DRINK SUCCESS Coffee & Tea Vending Machine – 4 Lane – ₹ 24,600

This is an excellent tea machine with 4 lanes and you also get 1 kg of premix powder with this machine. Easy to use and this vending machine is the most reliable product from this company.

Online support company provides you for installation and service of this machine. And if you need offline support, the company charges Rs. 2500 per visit. Also, if you need a spare part in future, the company sends it by courier.

Atlantis (4 Option) Hot Beverage Vending Machine – ₹ 16,500

This machine with 4 lanes is the best in this category at a low price. This machine has a 24 volt DC motor and is a fully programmed and password protected machine.

As it has magnetic doors, insects like cockroaches etc. do not enter. A float valve with buzzer is provided in this tee machine for water level indication. This tea vending machine is easy to use. This is a great product for such a low price.

Summary – Tea making machine price

According to your usage, you can choose which machine is suitable for the group of people you will be using it from among the 9 Best Tea Vending Machines on Tea Machines. All these 9 machines are excellent to use and their company service is also good.

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