Shravan Month Information – Shravan Month Importance

Shravan Month Mahiti Marathi and Shravan’s Significance (sravan mahina mahiti marathi) >> There are twelve months in a solar year, we call them as Marathi months, each month has some characteristic or difference. Still, the month of Shravan is known as the month of festivals. So everyone likes the month of Shravan. And as soon as this month comes, we look forward to the upcoming Ganpati festivals in the next month.

Shravan month information in Marathi (sravan mahina mahiti marathi)

The month of Shravan has a special importance in Hinduism as the various festivals that occur in this month make us happy and these festivals help to strengthen our relationships. Also, nature also blossoms in this month of Shravan and the natural beauty of this month is worth seeing. We are going to see information about this Shravan month in this article.

Shravan Month Information – Nature in Shravan

Nature is green in the month of Shravan. The atmosphere everywhere is pleasant and energetic. Trees and vines are flourishing and green grass is seen everywhere. In the evening, the sky is filled with many colors and it rains in the month of Shravan, so the atmosphere is nice everywhere. During the month of Shravan, many birds are happily found on trees and vines. Rain falls in this month, it is desired by all. I love to see when it rains and when it shines immediately. In this month, sometimes rainbows can be seen in the sky and peacocks can also be seen dancing happily after seeing the clouds in the sky. In nature in the morning one can hear the sweet sounds of many birds. Many schools organize campus visits during this month. Tourists visit many places to see this beauty of nature. High waterfalls falling from the mountains, malls decorated with wild flowers, unasawali games etc. The view is very nice. At the end of threshing, the grain starts filling in the corn and the maintenance of the crops begins. This month of Shravan is seen blossoming with various beauties of nature.

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Festivals in the month of Shravan

In the month of Shravan, there are many festivals like Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan, Mangalore, Pola. Many women worship gods and goddesses in this month. This month of Shravan spreads joy and enthusiasm everywhere. It rejuvenates everyone, everyone craves it. During the Shivamuth fast, every Monday, rice, sesame, mung bean, linseed and satu are poured on the pindi of Shankara with fists.

The festivities of Shravan begin with the festival of Nagpanchami. On the occasion of Nag Panchami, it is good for nature to go out into nature. And after that they play Zimma, Phugdi. On this festival Sriya dresses up in new clothes and wears new ornaments and goes to Varula and worships the serpent deity. After that, the full moon in Shukla Paksha of Shravan is known as ‘Narli Poornima’. A special festival for the Koli brothers who live on the sea coast, coconuts are lovingly offered on this day to this ‘Samindara’ on whom the life of the entire family depends. It is customary to offer coconuts to the river and release the hairs in the sea for the new season. Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated on the day of Narli Purnima. This day highlights the importance of brother-sister relationship in Indian culture.

In this day, a sister waves to her brother and ties a rakhi, and the wave she gets from her brother after tying a rakhi to her is worth a million. The next important festival in Shravan is Shri Krishna Janmotsav / Gopalkala. Lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated on this festival and on the following day Dahi Handi is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm. Many young mandals try to break the dahihandi built on top by building towers. And thousands of people also throng to witness this Dahi Handi festival. This festival of Shravan is very energetic and joyful.

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Many poets have also written beautiful poems on the month of Shravan. One of them is –

Smile, dance, blush a little The beautiful celebration Shravan came

This song is also a beautiful song sung by the poet on this month of Shravan. These beautiful poems and songs seem to be heard continuously. Everyone who believes in Hinduism must feel that this month of Shravan should come again and again.

Dev Darshana Nighati Lalna Harsh Maina Hadayat

This month-long festival begins with singing the songs of the month of Shravan.

‘Yeta Varshasari Chimb Athawa Darle Uri Mana Vede Ghei Hindole, Majiya Maheri Panchami is tied and hung Shravan came like Shravan came……….’

Summary – Shravan month information in Marathi

Shravan month information Marathi We have seen in this article, this Shravan month is full of natural beauty and full of Hindu festivals, the sounds of Lord Ganesha’s aarti that started in the temple of Sampata Sampata village reach the farm dam and the waiting for our beloved Ganpati Bappa begins. Married women who go to Mangalore and other festivals in Maher, now after the end of the Shravan month, the in-laws return and start preparations for Gauri Ganapati. Different festivals and celebrations are meant to bring joy and prosperity. They bind people together. Shravan, decorated with various colors, bids his farewell with the same message. Do let us know how you feel about this information and also comment if you have any suggestions.Like us for other updates like this Facebook page And on twitter Follow me on Twitter.

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