RV 400 Electric Bike Price Declared |How is the bike?- Guide

The wait is over! Revolt of ‘RV 400’ The price of the electric bike has been announced.

RV 300 and RV 400 electric bikes Cost of :-

Revolt RV 300 : 1,10,963 ₹
Payment Plan : 2,999* X 37 (Months)

Revolt RV 400 (Base) : 1,29,463 ₹
Payment Plan : 3,499* X 37 (Months)

Revolt RV 400 (Premium) : 1,47,963 ₹
Payment Plan : 3,999* X 37 (Months)

RV 300 & RV 400 E-Bike Booking :-

  • Now these e-motorcycles will be available only in Delhi.
  • The motorcycle will be available in Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Chennai in the coming months.
  • Pre-booking has already started for Delhi and Pune
  • you http://revoltmotors.com You can book this bike from this website.

electric bike Features :-

  • The top speed of the Revolt RV 400 is 85 kmph.
  • This bike works on AI (Artificial Intelligence), so you can give vice commands.
  • The company claims that the bike has a range of 150 kilometers.
  • The bike can be started with the help of My Revolt App by connecting the smartphone.
  • It will get LED lighting, full digital dash, 4G connectivity and many other features.
  • You will also get on-board diagnostics and over-the-air updates
  • Compact design, battery pack instead of engine. You will get USD fork, mono shock and disc brake.
  • The company has mobile stop stations for charging bikes, which you can track through the app.
  • The Revolt RV 300 has a 1.5kW motor and a 2.7kWh swappable battery, and the company claims it will last between 80 and 150 kilometers.
  • The Revolt RV 400 has an inbuilt charger from which you can charge the bike anywhere using the 15 MP charger. Battery charge time will be four hours.
  • It also has a portable battery that you can charge from home.
  • You can swap your remaining battery for a new unit at one of Revolt’s mobile swapping stations.
  • Another new feature is the ability to order batteries from your home via the app.
  • Revolt Offers an unlimited warranty on the battery. While the two-wheelers get a warranty of 5 years and 75,000 kms.
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