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Home remedies to kill mosquitoes | Some devices for mosquito control >> As the filthiness around your house increases, so do the mosquitoes. Due to the increase in mosquito breeding, we have to face numerous diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya.

To avoid diseases caused by mosquitoes like these, you need to avoid mosquitoes. There are also many modern devices to avoid or kill mosquitoes. At the same time, you can also take some measures at home and protect yourself, your baby and your household from mosquitoes.

In this article, we will first look at the home remedies for mosquito repellents and then look at some of the modern mosquito repellent devices available in the market.

So let’s see what are the home remedies to kill mosquitoes.

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Home remedies to kill mosquitoes / Mosquito control measures and their proper use

Many measures have been taken to kill mosquitoes/mosquitoes but still it doesn’t make any difference, mosquitoes are drinking your blood. If agarbatti is used, its smoke is not tolerated, then if a bat is used, the rate of deterioration of the mosquito bat is high. So now try home remedies to kill mosquitoes. Below are some home remedies to kill or repel mosquitoes which will definitely help you.

Camphor – Best home remedies to kill mosquitoes

Camphor or camphor smoke is good for killing or repelling mosquitoes. Close the doors and windows in the house and burn camphor, let the smoke stay in the house for 10-15 minutes. Mosquitoes will kill or flee. This is one of the easiest and cost-effective home remedies to kill mosquitoes.

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Apart from this, you can do many more home remedies to kill mosquitoes using camphor. For example, grind camphor and mix it with turpentine oil available at hardware stores. Make sure that the camphor powder is completely dissolved in the oil and fill this mixture into an old household refill from All Out or some other company and drain the refill. This remedy is not harmful to your health but will also kill other insects along with camphor mosquitoes.

Apart from this, if you burn incense etc. in the house in the evening, adding camphor to it will control mosquitoes in the house.

Neem – Very beneficial home remedy for mosquito repellent

Neem is very useful in keeping the human body strong and healthy. The same bitter lemon can also be used as a home remedy to kill mosquitoes. Neem oil mixed with coconut oil and applied on the body will keep mosquitoes away.

The smell of neem helps to protect you from mosquitoes. As a result of this type of mixed oil, mosquitoes will not bite you for at least 6 to 7 hours after applying this oil. Besides this, another remedy from neem is that you can also use neem juice in refills.

clove oil

Clove is useful for physical ailments like cough. Similarly, you can use clove oil as a home remedy to kill mosquitoes, for which you need to combine equal parts of clove oil and coconut oil. And you can apply this mixture on your body. Applying this mixture of clove oil and coconut oil on the body will keep you away from mosquito bites. After applying this oil on your skin, the effect will last for about 4-5 hours and you will not be bitten by mosquitoes.

Garlic – useful to repel mosquitoes

Garlic is beneficial for the human body. Doctors recommend garlic to heart attack patients who have high cholesterol in the hope that regular consumption of garlic helps in blood thinning. Garlic is useful for many things like: But at the same time, garlic is also useful for home remedies to kill mosquitoes that you want to do.

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The smell of garlic will keep mosquitoes away from you. Garlic has a pungent smell that repels mosquitoes. Grind the garlic and boil it in water and place it in a place where mosquitoes are present in the house so that the smell of garlic will be strong and the mosquitoes will run away.

Lemon and Eucalyptus – repels mosquitoes

Lemon and Eucalyptus are not only useful for a healthy body, but you can also use them to repel mosquitoes. Mix lemon juice and eucalyptus oil in equal proportions and apply this mixture on the skin of the body. If you use them, mosquitoes will not come near you. And this mixture will not have any side effects on your skin either. This mixture is very useful to repel mosquitoes.


If you are not bothered by the smell of peppermint, you can also use peppermint as a home remedy to repel mosquitoes. Just as the smell of cloves and eucalyptus repels mosquitoes, so does the smell of mint.

You can also spray it near the house by mixing mint juice with water. Or you can plant mint plants near the door or window of the house. Mosquitoes will not enter the house with the smell of mint.

Basil – an easy home remedy to kill mosquitoes

Basil keeps mosquitoes from entering the house, you won’t believe it but it’s true. Keep basil in a pot on the terrace or in the window of the house. The importance of Tulsi in Ayurveda is no exaggeration. Having basil at the door or window reduces the breeding of mosquitoes around the house and as a result mosquitoes do not multiply in the house.


Just as the marigold flower is fragrant and attractive, so is the marigold plant. If the marigold tree is at the door or in the courtyard of the house, the number of mosquitoes in the house is also reduced. Marigold is effective for mosquito control but having a marigold tree at the door will also delight you with the fragrance of marigold flower.

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herbal tea

Crumpled green tea leaves into tea makes the tea taste great. Similarly, herbal tea leaves arc protecting you from mosquitoes. Even if you apply a small amount of herbal tea extract on your body, mosquitoes will not come near you.

Plant certain trees near the house

It is a misconception that having more trees near the house leads to mosquitoes in the house. Not only that, but planting plants like basil, marigold, grass tea and mint near the house also reduces the number of mosquitoes. These plants prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. So make sure to plant these trees in your yard.


Dry coconut is when we peel it, and throw it away. Instead of throwing it away, burn it and smoke it in the house. This remedy is also used by many as a home remedy to kill mosquitoes. Although the extent to which it actually controls mosquitoes is not consistent, most mosquito repellant people also use this remedy.

Lavender – Use as a room freshener

Using lavender as a room freshener at home gives you double benefits. One is that its fragrance not only gives you freshness and its smell also keeps mosquitoes away. Using lavender at home can be a great option to ward off mosquitoes.

Mosquito Killer Machines / Mosquito Killer Equipments

We have seen home remedies to kill mosquitoes, now let’s see modern and useful mosquito repellent devices. Below are some of the best quality devices which are the best in this category and are durable.

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Summary – Mosquito Repellent Home Remedies | Some devices for mosquito control

At the beginning of the article, home remedies to kill mosquitoes are given, by doing these remedies at home, you can protect your family, your little baby from mosquitoes / mosquitoes. Meanwhile, if you want to exterminate mosquitoes from your home using a modern device, you can buy any of the top 7 devices given. Click on “Check It On Amazon” button if you want to buy or need more information about that device.

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