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All types of applications | All Marathi Arj (Sarv Prakarche Arj / Marathi Arj) >> We are providing all types of applications in Marathi for all shopkeepers in Maharashtra, total around 300 government applications / certificates in pdf. And along with this we are providing a pdf book of all the farmer schemes of central and state government which contains all the farmer schemes. All these types of application / forms are also useful for online center business in rural areas.

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All types of applications will be in different sections as below

Gram Panchayat,
All types of applications / certificates / forms useful in other offices in pdf and word.

Application list

🗒️ Resident Certificate from Gram Panchayat.
🗒️ Resident Certificate of Tehsil.
🗒️ Inheritance form for withdrawing joint money.
🗒️ Income Form of Tehsil.
🗒️ Self-declaration of crop sowing.
🗒️ Kharif – Rabi Crop Insurance Form.
🗒️ Marriage resume.

️ Academic Resume.
🗒️ Marriage Registration Form.
🗒️ Birth Registration Form.
🗒️ Death Registration Form.
️ Toilet Form.
️ Self Declaration Form.
🗒️ Form for inclusion of name in ration card.
🗒️ Form to get new ration card.
🗒️ Form that the field is under water.
🗒️ Smallholder Form.
️ Landless Form.
🗒️ Ramai Gharkul form.

️ Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Form D Form.
🗒️ Voting Card New Registration Form.
🗒️ Voting card correction/ lost form.
🗒️ New Aadhaar Card Registration Form.
🗒️ Aadhaar Card Correction/Update Form.
🗒️ Application for sound absorber use.
🗒️ MGNREGA Irrigation Well Application.
🗒️ Application for Village Electricity Management.
🗒️ Form below the threshold.
🗒️ Form of raw house.
🗒️ Caste Form Tehsil.

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🗒️ Gram Panchayat House Registration
🗒️ Caste Form Gram Panchayat.
🗒️ Application for getting Gram Panchayat Job Number.
️ No act certificate.
🗒️ Form of poverty line.
️ Unfounded form.
🗒️ Disability form.
🗒️ Gram Panchayat Pattern – 8 Forms.
🗒️ Financial Plan Benefit Form.
🗒️ No Dues Certificate.
🗒️ Health Scheme Benefit Application.
️ EBC Form.
🗒️ Public Service Application.

️ Character Certificate.
🗒️ Atal Pension Yojana Form.
️ ATM Application.
🗒️ Linking Aadhaar Card to Bank Account Number form.
🗒️ Form to add mobile number to bank account.
🗒️ Bonafide of the school.
️ Release form.
🗒️ Nuclear Family Certificate.
🗒️ Application for construction permit according to circumstances.
🗒️ Electricity supply household connection application.
🗒️ Inheritance Certificate.
🗒️ Electricity Supply Farm Connection Application.
🗒️ Non Ration Card Form.
🗒️ Application for not taking toilet.

️ Peak Damage Information Form.
🗒️ Common consent letter for crop insurance.
🗒️ Government Documents Information Booklet.
🗒️ Proof of being a government toilet.
🗒️ Education Scheme Benefit Application.
🗒️ Modification application.
🗒️ Application for Khasara Certificate.
🗒️ Construction Worker Beneficiary Registration Application.

🗒️ Application for change in meter name.
🗒️ Application to recover the money in the bank mistakenly transferred to another account.
🗒️ Forgot ATM password, application for new password.
️ Non-criminal form.
🗒️ Form for Nationality Certificate.
️ Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Form.
🗒️ Certificate for not availing of government schemes.
🗒️ Application under Right to Information Act, 2005.
🗒️ Second application to be made under Section 19(3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

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🗒️ Toll booth information application in your area.
🗒️ Application for seeking information about subsidized schools, ashram schools.
🗒️ Sample Right to Information application to check status of ration shops.
🗒️ Sample application form of Information Officer for verification of development account of MLA Development Fund.
🗒️ Sample application form to inquire about the affairs of Weight Measurement Office.
🗒️ Sonography Center Requested Information Application in Right to Information.
🗒️ Application for seeking information on child labour.
🗒️ Information application about gas, petrol, diesel stock and distribution in your area.
🗒️ Use RTO application to keep your locality clean.

🗒️An application to use RTO to get information about fuel mafia and distribution officers.
🗒️ Excise Exemption Permit Bar and Subject Information Application.
🗒️ Use RTO, a sample application for information on vehicle theft and subsequent action.
️ Character proof only.
🗒️ Sample application for asking information about sale of sweets and food items.
🗒️ Application for Inspection of Gram Panchayat Development Works.
🗒️ Inspection of bridge facilities in Tehsil or Collector office An application.
🗒️ An application to request information about the poverty line family in the village and the help received.
🗒️ Agricultural measuring application.
🗒️ Forms of Mahaonline.
🗒️ An application to check medicines in Government / Municipal Hospital.
🗒️ An application for information on use and misuse of vehicles for government purposes.
🗒️ An application to request tree information.

🗒State Bank of India,
Maharashtra Gramin Bank,
Bank of Baroda,
Union Bank,
ICI Bank,
hdfc bank,
Axis Bank,
central bank,
UCO Bank,
Dena Bank,
Punjab National Bank,
Bank of Maharashtra.
All kinds of applications / forms about this and nationalized banks will be available.

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🗒️ Certificate of agriculture under irrigation and not.
🗒️ Certificate of having and not having an agricultural well.
🗒️ Application regarding land boundary measurement.
🗒️ Survival Certificate.
🗒️ Self-declaration about having a toilet.
🗒️ Self-declaration letter regarding smallholder agriculture.
🗒️ Agriculture Self-declaration about no other active well within 500 feet distance.
🗒️ Self declaration regarding availability of electricity supply within 5 feet of well.
🗒️ Application to calculate how much is agriculture.

👆 All types of applications you will get a total of 300 types of very useful Marathi applications / certificates / forms in Pdf and Word which will be very useful for you. By this you can grow your business and earn good money.

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